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Thwaytes Capital Payments powered by Currency Cloud (a visa solution) has partnered with Player Support Services ahead of the Olympics in Paris.

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A partnership between PSS and THWAYTES PAYMENTS will be a strategic alliance that benefits all parties involved, especially in today's globalised sports industry. Athletes often move across countries for competitions, contracts, and endorsements, dealing with payments in multiple currencies or for a complete relocation.

For the past three years, Thwaytes Payments has been providing Multi-Currency accounts for businesses and individuals in the sporting industry and here to support more athletes heading into 2024.

"Owner & Director of PSS: Simon Le Clerc stated:

"Our core values are about placing our Athletes needs first and about always having Trust in what we do and who we work with. Trust is at the cornerstone of everything PSS represents. It is hard-won and easily lost and we never forget that. We have partnered Thwaytes payments as they offer a unique platform for sports stars to receive and send foreign money overseas. Not only that, but like us, Thwaytes prides itself on forming genuine relationships with their clients.  Once we have introduced them, our members benefit from a personal 1:1 service that is based around the unique needs of each client.”

Player Support Services Limited (PSS) is a global enterprise dedicated to advocating for the needs of future, current and retired; professional, Olympic, elite, and collegiate athletes across the World. We exist to address the comprehensive needs of athletes worldwide and reframe the way the sports industry treats them. Moreover, PSS collaborates with forward-thinking and athlete-focused; agents, coaches, teams, and professional sports organizations to ensure athletes' holistic well-being and success throughout their careers and beyond – Athletes, if your representatives aren’t working with us, you might want to ask them why…?! We’re your insurance policy for whatever happens next in your life.

PSS's mission is to offer our players/members unlimited access to our huge (and ever-expanding) range of unrivalled confidential services for only £50 (USD50, Euro50) each month.

Thwaytes Capital Payments provides individuals and businesses Multi-Iban accounts with over 50 currencies. Thwaytes’s service alongside a one stop shop platform for currency, helps their customers plan ahead, based on their requirements*

Co-Founder of Thwaytes Capital Group Charlie Thwaytes stated:

"Simon and his team at PSS offer exactly what the sporting industry needs for players’ post-retirement. It can be incredibly overwhelming when ending your sports career, with little help given within certain sports. We have helped plenty of athletes relocate their families, change clubs overseas and necessary monthly currency needs.

We can onboard individuals and businesses within 24hrs of filling the online form and process payments every 15 minutes, thanks to our provider’s capabilities".

*Please note, Thwaytes Capital Group or Currency Cloud DO NOT provide any advice to any prospect or client. Security and more regulation click here

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