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How a London-based Broker-Duo is Shaping Global Business

Updated: Jun 17

funding bay and multicurrency

Unveiling the Powerhouse Partnership

In today's fast-paced global business landscape, the need for strategic partnerships and innovative solutions has never been more crucial. The dynamic duo of a London-based currency broker Thwaytes Capital and a business lending broker Funding Bay has emerged as a powerful force, reshaping the way businesses operate and thrive in the UK and beyond. This alliance is not just about transactions; it's about empowering businesses to reach new heights of success and establish their presence in the competitive world of global business.

Business Loans & Currency solutions

By unlocking the gates to competitive exchange rates and crafting innovative financing pathways, they're not merely serving businesses; the brokers are equipping businesses large and small with the financial tools to leap onto the global stage. Their offerings are not just financial solutions but are lifelines that fuel expansion, drive innovation, and bolster the UK's business fabric to become more robust, dynamic, and resilient.


Breaking down the Impact on UK Businesses

“2023 was one big post pandemic economic hangover for world businesses”.

Speaking for all sectors of business in 2024, the UK has found a blunt sense of direction, either boom or bust.

Chart 1: GDP and industrial output growth to slow significantly in 2023 // © Oxford Economics


Thwaytes Capital Payments: Currency Forwards

Thwaytes Capital Payments can provide UK businesses with currency hedging products, enabling the business to hold the exchange rate for up to a year when the customer has either secured a contract or decided to purchase a product/service overseas. This protects the business from any currency fluctuations from the time the deal has been signed and delivery of the product or service.


Funding Bay helps UK businesses of all sizes access finance. They offer Invoice Finance, Term Loans, Property and Asset Finance alongside a number of more niche products. With access to 250+ Lenders, Funding Bay will find and present you with multiple funding solutions for your business


Global Prominence with Broker Duo

To discuss access to Global Currency Wallets and Lending for your UK Businesses contact;

Charlie Thwaytes on 02030894377 or

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