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"How Does Currency Fluctuation Impact Global Supply Chain Management?"

Updated: Mar 12

11th MARCH 2024

Supply Chain and multi currency account

Kinyu SCM is pleased to announce a formal partnership with Thwaytes Capital for payments and currency exchange services.

Global events are impacting supply chains and economic stability, affecting not only container space but also currency values. As a supply chain-focused Employer of Record, our clients spend millions of dollars on goods annually, making even slight fluctuations in currency rates significantly impactful.

This underscores the importance of having a reliable currency broker. Thwaytes Capital, a leading currency broker, operates above FCA-regulated entities in the City of London. Thwaytes serves global companies needing currency exchange and offers same-day transactions, hedging (currency protection), and third-party payments.

Through this partnership, members of The China Desk will receive preferential rates on foreign exchange, while clients of Thwaytes Capital will get a $500 USD discount voucher for Kinyu’s Launch Phase when utilizing The China Desk.

“Our partnership with Kinyu has proven the importance of why you should use a currency broker when dealing with China,” said Charlie Thwaytes, co-founder and director of Thwaytes Capital.

“Companies have really gained value utilising the hedging tools when buying U.S. dollars or Chinese yuan. Our client have gained significant value when using Kinyu’s offering in China, it has solved so many teething problems within the supply chain on behalf of the U.K. and European businesses we deal with.”

“We have been working with Charlie and the team at Thwaytes Capital for many years and are excited to formalize this partnership. This allows members of The China Desk to access expert advice and support on currency movements,” said Benjamin King, CEO of Kinyu SCM.

If you would like to learn more about how to manage your currency risks when importing products from China, please get in touch with Charlie at the following email:

If you are an importer looking to get boots on the ground in China to support your supply chain operation, get in touch with the team at Kinyu to learn more about The China Desk!

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